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The Firm provides consulting services in the areas of Business Development, and Global Mobility Solutions.



Global mobility refers to an organization's ability to move parts of its business worldwide. Parts of a business include brands, capital, image, products, machinery, or workforce relocation. 

The firm provides services in the areas of strategic business relocation, and workforce relocation. ​


  • The Firm works with Information Technology & Telecommunications Enterprises, Executive Teams, Professional Sport Leagues, Multinational Corporations, and Commercial Real Estate Investors.


The Attorney

Attorney Henry Ortiz has several years of successful experience with international business, and technology. He holds a bachelor's degree in business, a juris doctorate degree in law, and multiple technology certifications in secured IP networks, Databases, and Microsoft Technologies. He is licensed to practice law by the judicial branch of the State of Florida, and he can represent clients in Federal Law matters anywhere in the U.S. 


Attorney Henry Ortiz has experience working with foreign investors, professional athletes, and multiple-system operators (MSOs) in North America and the LATAM region, with matters related to business development, global mobility, and technologies such as  IoT, power supplying technologies, and IP networks such as HFC, 5G, LTE, CBRS, and Wi-Fi.

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