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Experience & Honesty

Hi, I am Attorney Henry Ortiz.

At the present time, I am fully booked for the next several weeks, therefore I am not accepting new clients. 

I aim for excellence and I take pride in the high quality of work I provide to my clients.  

If you are an existing client, please email me directly and I will meet with you. 


You can subscribe to receive a newsletter, and the office will contact you when new clients are accepted. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work for you. 

Attorney Henry Ortiz. 


Thank you for contacting my office. I am attorney Henry Ortiz, and I represent clients in immigration cases.

I have a Doctorate degree in Law from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, where for several years I studied the laws of the United States, such as U.S. Federal law, criminal law, family law, auto accidents, contract law, constitutional law, and immigration. I am licensed by the Supreme Court of the State of Florida to represent clients in any type of legal case. 


I focus on representing people and companies in immigration cases, mainly business immigration (for businesses, investors, athletes, and foreign workers), family petitions, and some humanitarian programs such as asylum, and TPS


I have clients in various countries around the world. Videoconference, and email are sufficient means to communicate with my office to start your process. My office can take care of submitting your application to USCIS, the Immigration department, and represent you in the necessary communications with the United States government for the type application you select.


A Private Law Firm with several years of successful experience in Business Immigration Law. The firm focuses on USCIS programs that do not require a sponsor and helps families, foreign entrepreneurs, investors, professional athletes, individuals with extraordinary abilities, college graduates seeking national interest waivers, and executives of multinational companies seeking Immigrants and non-immigrants visas to work and reside in the United States.​


Eligible industries include technology startups, real estate ventures, franchises, solar energy, e-commerce, IoT, wireless telecommunications, hotels, restaurants, agriculture, and many more. The firm also provides legal services to family members of U.S. Citizens relocating back to the U.S.A such as spouses of U.S. Citizens, and children born abroad. The firm also files Parole in place 'PIP' applications for family members of US Veterans and Active US Military Personnel. 

The firm does not handle matters related to Deportation Defense, or ICE Detentions.

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“He answered all our questions about immigration to obtain residency in the United States, very professional, I recommend him 100%”


No surprise legal fees.

  1. Flat fees: You will not be charged by the hour, by the meeting, or by the task. The fee quoted to you when the contract is signed will not increase.   

  2. Business Plans are included with business visas applications.

  3. There are no additional fees to answer RFEs* from USCIS. 

*RFEs from USCIS are requests for evidence made by USCIS after an application is filed. RFEs are commonly and frequently issued by USCIS. Some law firms charge their clients thousands of dollars in additional fees to answer RFEs.  It could cause legal fees to increase rapidly. 


Attorney Henry Ortiz has a Doctorate in Law Degree from the University of Western Michigan CLS, and he is licensed to represent clients in front of the US Department of State (DOS), at US Consulate offices abroad, at Federal Courts, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its subdivisions which include The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP),  and the Federal Courts Under the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR).


The firm focuses on USCIS programs that do not require a sponsor/petitioner. This means that applicants can file a petition by themselves, from abroad, or within the USA, without a job offer or Labor Certification. What are these visas? E2 E-2 visas for investors (no minimum investment required), L1 L-1 visas for executives abroad relocating to the USA to open a new office; EB2-NIW Legal Permanent residence for people with a college degree and a project that could benefit the USA; EB1A Legal Permanent residence for people with extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics such as MLB and MLS players; EB1C Legal Permanent residence for managers or executives of multinational companies with an office in the USA. 

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“I have worked for some of the largest immigration law firms in the country. 
As an international entrepreneur myself, it is my opinion that law firms can and should provide a better experience to their clients. 

It is my goal to create a law firm where international clients can be better informed about their options, and can meet with their attorneys more frequently during their immigration process”
— Henry Ortiz, Esq.
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