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Co-Counseling for Attorneys


I have a Juris Doctorate Degree in Law, a bachelor's degree in Business, and over twenty years of experience helping international businesses. In the area of business immigration I possess in-depth knowledge about the E2, and L1A as non-immigrant visas, and the EB1A, and EB1C as viable paths to legal permanent residency for professional athletes, investors, and executives.   



Immigration law is tremendously complex and has multiple different areas of concentration. It is very difficult for one attorney or one law firm to master all areas of immigration. I focus my practice on E2, L1A, Eb1A, and EB1C. Some other attorneys practice deportation defense which frequently intersects with criminal law and federal court procedures. Other attorneys focus on humanitarian visas, many of which are quickly created or ended by executive action. Family petitions intersect with family law. H1B and H2B visas require additional knowledge about processes posted by the U.S. department of labor. And O visas require a good understanding of the world of arts.  Trying to be an expert for all types of matters under immigration law is very difficult. I focus my practice on E2, L1A, EB1A, and EB1C. The bar rules make it permissible for attorneys to co-counsel when one attorney needs help with a particular subject matter. 


Clients find you and hire you because they want to work with you. They trust you, they like the way you interact with them. If your client wants to apply for an E2, L1A, EB1A, or EB1C, and they want to continue working with you, I can help. These are the options:

  1. Contract attorney: You can hire my firm to work for you as a contract attorney. You manage 100% of the relationship with the client. click here to book a 15 minutes call.

  2. Co-counsel: Same as above, except that I can also participate in meetings and communications with the client.
    click here to book a 15 minutes call.


  3. Mentorship by the hour: I answer questions you may have about the requirements, or strategies, E2, L1A, EB1A, or EB1C. Under this scenario I do not review documents, including but not limited to documents provided by your clients, or documents created by you. I also do not complete documents that may be needed to apply, nor do I provide step by step guidance on how to accomplish each step. This session is ideal to help you get comfortable with the E2, L1A, EB1A, or EB1C. It will give you sufficient knowledge to have an initial consultation with a client, or we can use this session to brainstorm complex scenarios presented by your client. This session is limited to answering questions about the requirements, or strategies, for the E2, L1A, EB1A, or EB1C.  
    Click here to book a one hour mentorship session 

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